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For Wednesday, 23 December 2020

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    Unfortunately I have to leave you now. So don't do anything silly while I'm not here.
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    Unfortunately I have to leave you now. So don't do anything silly while I'm not here.
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    hello, i'm looking for a wiki for personal site(s) and for non-profit one. besides DokuWiki i'm also looking at Tiki CMS...each one has its pro/cons, but i like that dokuwiki is without db...wonder if one can create content offline using e.g. vim and how to handle e.g. blog-post's images, iow. how are upload images stored in dokuwiki's fileystem, iow. is it easy to mimic one's offline folder structure with the one on the server? in Tiki that is a problem
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    since its file-gallery uses stuff like {img id=xyz}
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    what about blog & dokuwiki? any plugin up-to-date with the latest release?
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    gour: Hi, Dokuwiki is filesystem based so pages (written in vim if you like) sit in data/pages directory and images in data/media, a ref
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    a ref to your image is just {{image-file.png}}
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    as long as page files and images files referenced are in the same subdir of data/{pages,media} respectfully
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    hmm, that sounds great!
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    there is a blog plugin
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    if you have access to your hosting website anything syncing files (scp, rsync, whatever) can be used if you want to do your edition offline or manually
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    that's even better :-)
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    which plugin is up-to-date?
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    blog seems to be up to date
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    gour looks i was looking at the other ones :-/
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    i've installed core package, will soon play with the rest
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    reading about dokuwiki features, looks great
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    afaics, one is not tied to bootstrap for theming as with tiki, but can base one's theme/skin on some other (lighter) css framework, right?
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