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For Wednesday, 11 July 2018

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    Unfortunately I have to leave you now. So don't do anything silly while I'm not here.
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    Unfortunately I have to leave you now. So don't do anything silly while I'm not here.
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    Hello crowd.
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    I need to create a custom auth plugin. So far I believe I've read pretty much all that's available about it, but even with a super simple, dummy plugin that returns static stuff, I can't even get the module to _LOAD_. Is there a way to enable some debugging somewhere (apart from the allowdebug, which is already on)?
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    Cuz right now, I don't even know why it won't load
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    Pointers are welcome :) I obviously don't expect anyone to cook the whole thing in my stead, just need a nudge in the right direction :)
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    Haven't found much in the IRC logs either, so I'll sit tight until someone has something to suggest. Cheers :)
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    Le_Coyote, hi, what I did when not enough logs were available for my understanding is to add my own (and try to trace where I'm going). I'm not sure where you would being this logging though, it's been too long a time since I developed a plugin.
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    However, if your folders and files respect what's required for a plugin but your plugin still don't load, I expect it would be a permission issue, where the web user cannot read your plugin
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    Hadn't even thought about something so simple
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    I don't think it's that though, because once there was a parse error in the php file and it would cause an error 500, so the file was actually read by php
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    Nope, definitely not a permission issue
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    han, that means at some point DW loads the file indeed. So when you say "it won't load", what do you mean exactly by that?
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    "Cannot load Auth Plugin <myauthplugin" is what DW says
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    It won't say why, which is annoying :)
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    huhu, what a bummer
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    I've really made it the most dummy thing I can, ie trustExternal sets a few static strings and arrays in $USERINFO, checkPass returns true, $success is set to true, cando[] has the right values AFAICT …
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    Still no luck.
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    maybe you could try to find where this "Cannot load Auth Plugin <myauthplugin" string is generated and look at which case goes there?
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    Yeah, I wanted to avoid such extremities but I guess there's not much left to do/try :/
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    It's triggered when plugin_controller->load('auth', $input) returns null, apparently. More digging …
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    It returns null if disabled or already loaded … That's weird
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    But the annoying part is that the code doesn't report the actual reason
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    GOD D***IT. Found it
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    It's the nameing scheme of the class.
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    I called it auth_plugin_myplugin, but the plugin info text had myauthplugin as "base". Therefore, it wouldn't load. Brilliant.
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    Aorimn: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :)
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    He, I've done nothing, you did everything :)
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    Well checking the plugin_controller was the right idea, double checking what it did made me realise there was some magic relationship between the plugin name/type
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    Now I just need to figure out cookie sharing with my website and I'll be all set :)
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    Bye for now :)
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